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Nexalogy API documentation

The Nexalogy API is a complete system of text and social media analytics. It contains tools to help you search for, import, and filter data from blogs, twitter, facebook, and other sources of data. It then gives you a complete range of analytical tools to process that data into meaningful analytics and visualisations

Clients of nexalogy can use this API as a series RESTful methods. Clients can also benefit from the use of 2 libraries which provide an object-oriented proxy for our API, available in PHP for server-side programming and JavaScript for client-side programming. Both libraries provide access to all the API calls

We also provide a testing environment for our clients, where each API call is exposed as a form for testing. You'll also find simple code snippets for both PHP and JavaScript. We really couldn't make it easier to use, but if you can think of a way for us to make it easier, we hope you'll let us know!

General API Guide

This guide will provide you with an overview of how the API works and it's structure. It provides an in-depth guide for developing with the API in it's most generic form as a series of REST URLs to be called. For details for each specfic call, use the API reference.

PHP Integration Guide

This guide will provide you with tools to integrate a series of easy to use PHP classes which implement the functionality of the API for use from within a PHP server-side environment.

Javascript Integration Guide

This guide will provide you the necessary tools to integrate the API into a client-side javascript environment. Our JavaScript library provides a nice framework which provides a convenient interface not only to make API calls, but also to monitor processes by push notifications